Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Things I feel good about

There's much to feel good about right now:
  1. Stevie C being back on the blog. I was ploughing a lone furrow through these championships, looking listless and immobile (much like Jack Wilshire) until he showed up. Welcome back into the fold, Stevie.
  2. England's performance. We have looked excellent, in my opinion, in all 3 group games. Watching us has been relatively fun, and a massive step forward from the 100mph, Hollywood approach that blighted the past, golden-generation of players. If I'd watched Spain or Germany perform like we just have, I'd have them marked down as a real threat, as soon as they find their scoring boots.
  3. Wales getting through. Their 3-0 win against Russia saw them through as worthy qualifiers for the round of 16.

Things I worry deeply about:
  1. Wilshire playing any more minutes for our team.
  2. England facing Ronald-0 and seeing him slap in free kick after free kick to our net, whilst Hart fumbles around on his knees. Ronald-0 winking at the camera in an awful, yet effective, self-parody.
  3. Football being reduced to a game of 5 minutes duration on the basis that the first 85 minutes are meaningless.

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