Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Teams with personality

I had an interesting chat with a mate at work today who had tipped Croatia to win the tournament. I thought it a bit of a bold call, and he said that they have a good chance because of their similarity of style and cohesion as a team. This in contrast to team like Belgium, who have good player on paper - but most of whom play for teams with hugely differing styles.

Italy fall into the same sort of category as Croatia in my opinion. They have an identity as a national team, and don;t just appear as a transient group of players. The Italian style is predictable but effective. Solid and if necessary brutal defenders (they clocked up 3 stone-wall yellows for professionnal fouling); slick midfield play; and strikers who aren;t all that good but manage to get goals (Pelle's was excellent).

I enjoyed the game very much - probably the best of the tournament. Italy celebrated it in true overblown passion fashion with scenes as if they'd just won the whole thing. I think there is probably a bit more needle with Belgium or its players than I understand.

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