Sunday, 19 June 2016


Not sure if any of the papers used that headline, but I quite liked it. An astonishing match last night, with Austria hanging on for dear life as Ronaldo spurned chance after chance. Funny though it was, I still expect CR7 to have an impact on the tournament. Hungary's charmed life is certain to come crashing down in a few days I expect.

Iceland against Hungary was a battle of the dodgy keepers, with Gabor Kiraly coming out well and truly on top (in terms of being dodgy). Iceland will feel aggrieved, but just need a win against hapless Austria (which I don't expect they will get) to progress. Austria, have put themselves in a spot though, by losing to Hungary...and by my reckoning they will finish below Hungary regardless of the results now, because of the head-to-head. A shame in some ways because they have a couple of decent players (Alaba, Arnoutovic) who I'd like to see more of.

Today was a bit of a head wreck, no 2pm or 5pm games to I had to settle for a lovely day with my family!

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