Friday, 10 June 2016

Euro 2016 kicks off

And so here we are - another summer football tournament and a full month of televisual pleasure. This time around the added challenge (and of course joy) of having a <1 year old baby makes the potential for total spherical saturation a bit less of a certainty. Nonetheless - I am nothing if not a tryer - so here we go for a few weeks of charting my struggles through the tournament.

Any followers of will know that I don't do this alone, my trusty USA-based Stevie normally joins in the ride. For the last World Cup he dipped back into the fold and I am hoping that the dual vices of both watching football and then writing blogs about it lures him back in.

This time around I spent the opening day of the tournament in the host country - France. Not in a fan-park or in a major city throwing chairs and getting tear-gassed - but rather in Bergerac calmly sipping wine and eating barbequed meat. But nonetheless it was a pleasure to watch the build up and opening match in the home tongue... more about what I learned ion the next post.

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