Saturday, 11 June 2016

Day 2 - Albania are involved

Ok, so I spent most of the day forgetting that Albania were not in fact Algeria. I had expected them to turn Switzerland over (if they were indeed Algeria).

Before anyone says it, I know Algeria is in Africa, and I know I did a Geography degree. But if Australia perform in the Eurovision, then anything is possible.

View from behind the jumparoo

Anyway - the lunchtime game was definitely one for the purists, not a huge draw for the casual fan I don't expect. But, that said, it was decent. Albania gifted the Swiss an early goal and held on despite valiant attempts by Albania to turn it around. The Swiss, I expect have given themselves an excellent chance of making it to the round of 16 (and thus ensuring that match is boring. I really do dislike their workmanlike and uncreative brand of football).

Then this afternoon the treat that was Wales vs Slovakia. What a game. Proper football, end-to-end, goals, controversy, woodwork hit, and a true superstar. Bale looks like he is bang up for being a hero in this tournament, which spells trouble for England, but could be fun. Slovakia were fair game too and unlucky to lose the game. They too will pose a threat to England. That said, if England perform well in the attacking third, then neither Slovakia or Wales have done anything to demonstrate they could cope.

The shift in my lifestyle was stark today - as I deposited the baby in the "jumparoo". This is the plastic monstrosity in the photo above. Also dubbed "the circle of neglect" - it is a truly amazing device that seems to occupy children for precisely 45 minutes at a time, happily bouncing away, and spinning plastic animals around whilst I watch the footy...

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