Sunday, 10 July 2016

This ends tonight

So who is it to be?

 Flamboyant but potentially frail France?

Painful yet well-paced Portugal?

Presumably the odds, and the general feeling is heavily swayed towards France; but I've a feeling that Portugal might rise to the occasion tonight. Ronaldo has been playing well without massively impacting the games. I think we will see his smile at some point this evening, he might hit a free-kick on target?!

France of course, both profligate (Giroud) and free-scoring (everyone else, and even Giroud on occasions - in the same ways that monkeys with typewriters would one day rewrite Shakespeare) are rightly favourites, but their frailty at the back makes me think that Portugal's power and pace going forward (when they actually commit to an attack) could cause them some trouble.

It's been a decent tournament, with some good highlights (which I will obviously go into in my round-up post); yet for me it has yet to truly catch fire. A hum dinging final will potentially sway my opinion.

As I left things, France were playing Germany in the semi, and after getting roundly panned for the first 45 minutes, they actually came out worthy winners in the end. Griezmann was pretty sensational.

My prediction. 2-1 to Portugal. A french full back to get a red card after Nani feigns death. Ronaldo to pose on the pitch for a selfy with the Portugal manager and an onrushing fan. His wink lost amongst the flapping of moth wings, but there nonetheless.

Go football....

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