Thursday, 7 July 2016

Real life and CR7

Real life has gotten in the way for the past few days. Not to the extent of actually missing the football (though it was touch and go last night, as I lay on the floor of my sub-1 year old baby's room, watching on my iPhone in between bouts of screaming. Him not me.)  - but to the extent of not being able to post on this blog. I've hit a massive milestone with work, launching a website which has been a labour of love for the past year, and then resigning (the same day). Job done and all that.

As I left things before I was fully expecting Portugal to book a semi-final place. Since then they have not only done so - but followed it up by booking a final place too. Ronaldo is gradually coming to life, his bullet header setting the tone last night (though his failed free kick count now stands at 42 in a row).

The surprise of course is that they didn't triumph in the semi against Belgium. Wales did an Iceland and brushed Belgium aside in the QFs. Whilst very exciting and romantic, it did of course deny us a classic semi-final - because Wales's demise, like Iceland before them, was pretty much inevitable. Without Ramsay, they had little drive in midfield, and Portugal actually look a classy outfit, when they release the shackles.

Tonight we see hosts France (who of course taught Iceland a lesson and were so dominant that even Giroud looked good) against Germany. It could be a classic, though I fear a cagey encounter might prevail. We should all support France as that would bring a potentially exciting final. Portugal v Germany has 120 minutes of nil nil, then penalties written all over it.

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