Monday, 13 June 2016


So I remembered about the blog thing only when the tournament kicked off, so I didn't get chance to put down my predictions.

I am expecting strong performances from France (expect them to get 9 pts in the group and to look increasingly attacking in doing so); England (yes I said it), Germany (obvs), Spain and Italy.

Now, looking at the tournament structure, I get France and Italy (having beaten Germany in the QFs) as being in one semi final - which I think France will win.

The other semi, I reckon will be made up of England and Spain. Blind optimism tells me England will do it - only to fall to hosts France in the final.

There - I've contradicted my last post's prediction already - but I'd picked out Italy without first having checked what a nightmare route they might have to the final. Indeed more than one group, including England's arguably looks better to get out of in second place, assuming the big boys all win their groups...

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