Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Game 9: Greece 1: Czech Republic 2

This had the prospect of being quite a tasty game; with the Czechs risking elimination with a defeat and the Greeks missing their two first choice centre backs; but in truth the game pretty much died in the first 6 minutes as the Greek defence made like its economy and fell apart.

The Czechs proved what we have all suspected all along - they are talented but lazy, and more than capable of playing excellent football if only they can be ar$ed. Well today they could be and looked like they'd score a hatful; until they were leading comfortably of course, when they decided they could no longer be bothered.

Peter Cech was so not bothered that he didn't have the energy to lift his hands to the ball, thus gifting what will surely be the worst goal of the tournament to the Greeks. This sparked a genuine risk of Greece coming back and getting  something form the game, which would have brought a whole new meaning to the word travesty.

Expect to see another "interested" display form the Czechs against Poland on Saturday.

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