Monday, 11 June 2012

Game 8: Ukraine 2 - Sweden 1

Sheva, Sheva, Sheva!

Not the most appealing of fixtures, made a little more interesting by Ukraine being the hosts. And the fact that everyone in the stadium was dressed in yellow. And the fact that it was a pretty good game.

And who else but Shevchenko (only six months my junior) to grab a brace for Ukraine. Heroic stuff, and its always nice to see the hosts do well.

Both teams showed enough promise to make a damaging result against England (or France) a real possibility, and both played very positively. I'm hoping this was more in the desperation of knowing this was each others best chance for three points.

So that's eight games played now with no goal-less draws and very little negative play. The tournament is hotting up nicely.

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