Thursday, 28 June 2012

Game 29: Snore

I think the players are experiencing the same lethargy that I am as the tournament reaches its closing stages. I could barely keep my eyes open for this one (mainly down to tiredness and hay-fever) but the footy did nothing to wake me.

Spain served up something different, opting to hoof the ball for a change, to zero effect. Portugal looked well organised and were unlucky not to get a result.

The only real entertainment was seeing Ronaldo shooting himself in the foot by insisting he went last in the penalties, thus missing out entirely on the chance to influence the shoot-out. Actually a shame though, as he'd been threatening to set the tournament alight but was back to his old ways, blazing free kick after free kick into the stands and then trying to take centre stage there at the end.

I think the last two matches should be decent though, with Germany I expect to prevail.

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