Saturday, 23 June 2012

Game 27: Striker-less Spain

So again Spain went with this false-nine nonsense. A brilliant team, guaranteed to boss possession; gifted with incisiveness and creativity; deciding to blunten their tools by not selecting anyone to finish off the good work. So frustrating, and so anti-football. Only because Spain are Spain can this even begin to be understood - but nonetheless it is a ridiculously negative approach. For this reason (and the generous odds on France) I decided to support France. I say "support France", but you know what I mean...

My missus rightly piped up that Del Bosque looks rather like Rene from Allo Allo. That only furthered my conviction that Spain shouldn't win this tournament.

And so it began, Spain seemingly out of sorts, but France not much better. Alonso gloriously nodded home (from the striker position, to invalidate my argument about the striker thing, and so Spain looked set. France did little in response. Ribery is a big game bottler. Nasri had a sulk on, and the French went out with a whimper (with Alonso rounding off his 100th cap with a brace)

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