Saturday, 23 June 2012

Game 26: Germany do a Germany

Like the first Quarter Final, I struggled to get too excited about this one, it was just so hard to see how Greece would compete, let alone get a result. That said, it didn't stop me putting 50p on them to win; at an astonishing 9-1 odds (surely unheard of in a Euro QF). This together with the potential of England facing the winners led me to strongly support the embattled Greeks.

So, with my investment made I sat down to see the McLeish inspired 10-0-0 formation of the Greeks in action. Like a training game of attack v defence it inspired no confidence whatsoever, and was literally a matter of "when rather than if". 

The only note I made for the first half (yes, I have a small notebook dedicated to these championships) read as follows: "Germany absolutely shat on Greece". As a wannabee journalist I hope that kind of frank insight is what head-hunters want to see!

So when Lahm brilliantly slotted the opener for Germany just before half time, it was pretty much match over. He's not looked so much a threat going forward so far this tournament, but this goal was a timely reminder of the menace he poses.

The second half, remarkably saw Greece equalise - and like every other game where they have needed to recover, they have somehow looked more menacing - the equaliser was deserved rather than fluke - Samaras poking home after good work from Salpingidis down the right. This, however, only seemed to spur the Germans on, with Kadeira and Reus both smashing unstoppable volleys, either side of a Klose header to take the game out of sight.

A sympathy penalty for Greece made the score look more flattering, but Germany sent out their usual message. 

The good news, from now on, every game is definitely one to look forward to.

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