Saturday, 16 June 2012

Game 16: Sweden 2 - England 3

Eng-er-laaand. What a game. It started off a bit hectic and tight, but from the moment Carroll belted his monstrous header, it really caught fire. Sweden were excellent - full of energy, good passing and posed a real threat. Its a shame they'll not have anything to play for against France, as a similar performance would have seen them threaten.

Mellberg - former Villa hero, was enormous. Sporting that grizzly nordic beard, he was tackling and heading everything, and but for the tight fisted dubious goal committe would have had himself a brace (Johnson creditted with an own goal for one of them).

Pace made the difference, and Walcott having been slated by Mark Lawrenson as he prepared to come on, put in a match winning cameo. Lawro no doubt felt a bit of a tool.

So England march on - but in truth it looks as though the result againsrt Sweden was actually irrelevant as a win vs Ukraine would have seen us qualify second in any case...which is, it seems, what will happen in any case.

Good comeback though - and so nice to see us win.

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