Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Game 11: Portugal 3 - Denmark 2

Portugal got the fixture off to a rousing start with the tournament's most out of key anthem singing to date, but nonetheless boldly sung.  You may have noticed that I am using this as the primary indicator of match outcome, and so my money went on a Portugal win.

This, like with the Czech Republic game yesterday seemed very much on the cards, as Portugal took a 2 goal lead thanks to Pepe and Postiga (who with 20 goals in 51 internationals gets a pretty tough press about being a "non-scoring" striker). But, as with the Czech game, there was more to come.

Ronaldo made his bid to enter the Kerzhakiv club, with a series of misses and scuffs, before Bendtner made his bid to join the Shevchenko club, with two heroic headers to draw the game level.

It just left time for Valera to pull off a classic rags to riches move (air shot, ball cannoning into backside, and then unleash a cracking finish with the other foot) to snatch the game and leave door open for a potential dead heat in the group: should Holland get the win they need next, all 4 teams will be locked on 3 points, making sundays game 'unmissable' (which is an admitedly weak statement from me; as San Marino vs Switzerland would be unmissable to me!)


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