Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Game 10: Poland 1 - Russia 1

Cracking game this one. Stirring anthems (Poland scored an England matching 11 out of 11 singers), a fired up Poland team, fans a-fighting, Kerzahakov in the team for Russia - it was all set to be a belter, and so it proved.

Poland came out all guns blazing and looked pretty threatening. They played like a team needing to win; whereas Russia, unsurprisingly played like a team who would be pretty happy with a draw.

Lewandowski looked even more handy than in the first match, good touch and pace. The Russians gradually got themselves into the game with their slick passing, always well weighted, and always to the space and not the man (in a good way). Arshavin again was on fire. Determined, tricky, pacy and with brilliant distribution. He swung across the free kick that Dzaghoev showboated into the goal with his shoulder.

Poland battled well and the second half was probably the 'half of the tournament' so far. Blaszczykowski scored an absolute screamer and earned the draw, thus plunging the group into deciding day meltdown with all four teams potential qualifiers.

1) I would not want to live next door to Anyukov - he looks like he definitely keeps an array of weapons and torture tools at his house; a proper old fashioned nutter.
2) Have the refs been given a directive to charge aggressively towards the perpetrator of fouls or something? They're all doing it and it makes me thing that everyone is going to be sent off or punched by the ref.

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