Monday, 11 June 2012

Euroblabber's anti-flab workout

As I settled down for matches seven and eight this evening I became acutely aware of the potential to turn into a blob. 24 consecutive days of sitting glued to the telly, snacking, quaffing the occasional beer is not a recipe for slick health - so I daydreamt my way to a new fitness regime. True, it probably won't sell many DVDs, but it'll probably just about keep me from having the body of a man who has spent a month in front of the telly drinking beer.

So what is it I hear you ask? Euroblabber's anti-flab workout is as follows:

  • For every minute of football watched (including stoppages), you need to do one situp, pressup, curl or other repetitious exercise. 
  • These don't need to be completed on the minute, they can be done in batches of any suitable size. 
  • The only proviso is that they must be completed after the first kick and prior to the final whistle.
The combination of high carbohydrate snack diet, together with excessive anaerobic exercise could have amusing results...

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