Sunday, 20 May 2012

Predictions: Group D

And so to Group D, England's group. Of all the groups, this one looks like one we should get through. The group opens up with England vs France and Ukraine vs Sweden and I think those matches will pretty much determine the final group placings.

1. England. Not sure if I'd had a drink when I put together my predications, but England are there at the top of the group; perhaps playing with a bit more freedom and passion after a horribly lacklustre World Cup in 2010

2. France. In qualifying they have really turned things around (much like England) and if they keep that form together should qualify with ease. For England's sake we of course hope that the gallic mist will once again descend and that mutiny in the camp will help us get through, but I expect Laurent Blanc will run a tighter ship than that.

3. Sweden. Complete with Mellberg and other warrior like players I expect Sweden to battle hard have lots of horn-hatted support but ultimately to bow out without having troubled the opposition too much.

4. Ukraine. By all accounts their fans will be too busy beating the bejesus out of anything that moves to enjoy the football. I hope those reports turn out to be scaremongering, as the Euros does have the potential to be an absolute bloodbath. As co-hosts, Ukraine haven't had to qualify - which is just as well as I expect they wouldn't have. I just can't see them doing much.

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