Thursday, 17 May 2012

Predictions: Group B

The yang to Group A's yin, this is a titanic group containing three of the five most likely team to win the tournament. It is an absolute belter and is evidence in itself why the Euros are often more fun to watch than a World Cup. 

This one should have goals and needle in equal portions and its just a shame that only 2 of the teams can progress. Here's how I think it will pan out.

1. Holland. They've got a great squad of players, who seem far less inclined to have the mass fallouts that blighted their tournament efforts in the past. They are my favourites to win the whole tournament, marking an evolution (having been runners-up to Spain in the World Cup). They are solid in defence, have a classy midfield and two of the three most prolific strikers in the tournament (Van Persie and Huntelaar). 

2. The Germans are hotly tipped to win the tournament; but I've a sneaking feeling that this time things might not go their way. I think they'll lose out in the group against Holland and then bow out completely in the semi's. 

3. Portugal. Lots riding on Ronaldo, after his ridiculously good season. He'll have his work cut out, but I suppose Portugal could be the fly in the ointment for the others. However I think the lack of overall team discipline will cost them dear, with the Germans and Dutch being not just efficient enough, but actually their equals in terms of flair too.

4. Denmark. Niclas Bendtner has his chance to show that he really is as good as he say's he is. I like the Danes, but they've got a bit of an uphill struggle here. Whoever they get a result against probably loses out and ends up third, so they'll have a massive part to play, but I expect them to be going home having been given a bit of a lesson to be honest.

Tomorrow..Group C.

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