Thursday, 10 May 2012


We may as well get this out in the open early on in this process. I may make occasional reference in this blog to "my sticker album". Your eyes will not be deceiving you. Despite being a grown adult, I am in fact pursuing the hobby of a child.

There's a raft on excuses and explanatory factors that have found me sitting on the lounge floor, tongue slightly askew whilst I try to fix the stickers into their requisite slots:
  • an investment; England might win, and the Panini Euro 2012 album may become a collectors item
  • the album actually contains lots of very useful information about match scheduling/players and the like 
  • my excitement about Euro 2012 coincided with an inexplicable urge this year to "collect something"
  • the sheer hell of it - its so much easier to afford this habit as a full time working grown-up

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