Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Euros

Back in 2010, a friend (Stevey C) and I transformed into square eyed recluses for a month whilst we took in the World Cup. A marathon schedule of games saw us forsaking the modern routine of life, following the tournament kick by kick as it unfolded. We blogged. We despaired at England's abject showing, whilst equally marvelling at Spain's immaculate football.

Two years on; and that big-tournament-lure is back. The alignment of a triumvirate of modern wonders (flexible working, TiVo and viewer-friendly-match-scheduling) mean that all of the games will be accessible to me - and so I prepare to shink into my sofa, offering amateur punditry as the tournament unfolds. Yes - I welcome you (fully 5 weeks in advance of the big kick off) to Bircho's 2012 Euroblabber!

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